Ikuyo, 9’2 Geoff McCoy Singlefin longboard, Java, 2017

Me, Geoff McCoy 6’1 All Round Nugget, Thruster, Big Wave Bay, typhoon swell, 2017

Surfing Hong Kong video showing the team in action.

I firmly believe in showing the client exactly who we are and what we can do. I want to show you our standard of surfing, show you that we can in fact surf and through video let you have a accurate assessment of us.

Video of surfing in Hong Kong is accurate, unlike a photograph, which only captures a millisecond¬† of action. With a still image, you don’t know what brought the rider to that moment of action, and what happened after. Did they fall? was it a coincidence and luck they got to that moment, or was it skill and precision?¬† Was that actually the person that it says it is?

As a potential client, do you research. Do not take it for granted that the person advertising surf lessons can actually surf. I see it everyday, the blind leading the blind.

I look forward to our lesson and seeing you on the beach.