Monsoon produces good waves and off shore winds. orecast Hong Kong's waves


Hong Kong weather report, swell conditions

To Forecast Hong Kong’s waves, you need to predict the weather. Surfing in Hong Kong is most consistent November through to March. The line ups could be empty and great waves roll though. Want to check the sunrise for a dawn patrol?

It is days like this, perfect weather, with just a couple of mates, leaving home at 4:30am and making the 2 hour drive/boat/walk in absolutely worth it. Clear skies, perfect peaky waves, a dropping wind, and surfing till your arms feel like they want to drop off. It is not like this every day, but surfing in Hong Kong has its days.

Location wise, there is Big Wave Bay and Tai Long Wan, which both work of the east or North Easterly winds or intense monsoons. This in October through March. Then there are the Lantau breaks, which work off the South Westerly winds, in the summer. To add to this mix is the typhoons from March through to November. Depending on the position of the typhoon and its track, any of these breaks could light up.

When a typhoon does rock though, and it is sitting off Hong Kong, then there can be powerful swell arriving for a few hours. Or a few days, depending on the speed of the storm. The closer it gets, the wilder it gets, meaning the bays do become unsurfable. In the worst conditions, check Shek O, which can get some fast, furious and hollow waves too.

Hence don’t just rely upon the swell prediction apps, learn to read a Hong Kong weather map as in the good old days. Research, make friends with the Hong Kong locals and see if there is any knowledge to be gained.

Grab your surfboard, a good legrope, zinc and sunnies, and have a great day, surfing in Hong Kong.

To check the recommended sites, go back up to the pull down menu and select the sites windguru or the 9 day weather forecast.