surfing instructors

Surfing Instructors

Our surfing instructors love to surf. We can surf, and we dedicate our time to chasing the waves and spending time in the ocean with family and friends. The first priory for any instructor with surfing Hong Kong is have a genuine love of surfing, first and foremost, and to have a strong surfing ability in a variety of conditions. Instructors must have integrity, maturity and understand that safety is of the utmost priority.

Surfer waiting on a reef
Kenneth Howe waits for a break in the waves to paddle out. Indonesia

Any instructor from Surfing Hong Kong is chosen not only for their surfing ability, but also for their maturity, integrity, personality, their local knowledge of the beach, commitment to safety and a positive attitude. We are at the liberty to choose the best and having surfed on this beach for over 20 years I know who I can trust to deliver a quality lesson, whether it is a nervous 5 year or a student who is not 100% comfortable in the ocean.

The ocean can change fast, a happy time can change into a dangerous situation in the blink of an eye. We are always checking the changing conditions, hence local knowledge is very important. You don’t want to have your safety in the hands of an instructor who may not have the strength, knowledge and ability to recognize potential dangers fast, and act accordingly.

On another note, in recent years, various surf instructors have begun teaching lessons in Hong Kong, and it is with great frustration to see that many of these instructors cannot surf them selves, or at least they can only surf to a very basic level. There are other good surf schools operating, but please do your research and make sure these “instructors” are what they say they are. Do your research, make your comparison, ask around, and I am confident that we will be seeing you soon.