Surfing lesson fee Learn to surf in Hong Kong.

Lessons and fees

Surfing Lesson Fee.

Learn to surf in Hong Kong. Lessons are 1 hour in length. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time, swim suited and sun creamed up, ready to go.

Individual one to one lessons: Surfing lesson fee: HK$800
This is for person who really wants to progress at the fastest rate. We will be with you in the water, guiding you through the waves when necessary, and ensuring you catch as many waves as possible, with constant advice on technique. Be prepared to work hard and feel great. When the surf is large, one to one lessons will be the only way we operate as well.

Learn to surf in Hong Kong with a 10 lesson Voucher : A ten lesson course, one to one, is offered at HK$6000. This offer is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Small Group lessons:

Surfing lesson fee: HK$600 per person
If you are interested and want to come down with a friend, then this is the lesson for you. Vice versa, if you have a larger group, say four to six people, then extra instructors will be brought in to assist with the lesson, ensuring a good instructor to student ratio.

Larger group Surfing lesson fee: HK$500 per person
You have a 5 buddies and you are keen to give surfing a go. As long as conditions are safe, ie small, then come down have a go.

A note on the best time to surf.
Big Wave Bay is a small beach, it does get busy, and weekends, mid morning to later afternoon, there can be many surfers in the water. Not all competent and quite aware of the danger of what their out-of-control surfboard can do if they run over somebody. To learn to surf in Hong Kong, I fully encourage early morning sessions , anytime between 5:45am and 10:00 am, or later afternoon weekends after 4:30pm in winter or 5:30pm in summer. Check the weather in advance. The mornings can be stunning, maybe you are the only one in the water with the sun coming up, ready to enjoy a hearty beach breakfast post surf. Done and dusted by 9 am, with the whole day ahead of you. A great way to start the working day or weekend.


Please Check the Calendar for slots that are available daily 6:00AM to 11:00 AM